Portrait Photographer, Victoria, BC

Black and White Landscapes, Vancouver Island, South Island Region, British Columbia, Canada.

Here in Canada our Federal, Provincial, and local governments have all done a great job keeping Canadians safe during the Covid-19 crisis. The first wave it seems is coming to an end and restrictions are being slowly lifted. Social distancing is working and even though we are not out of the woods yet, Canadians overall have done a great job and should be proud of how well our country fared during this pandemic.

On May 14, the Government of British Columbia will start to reopen the majority of BC provincial parks. It is good news for the province, but there will be some restrictions in order to continue to reduce the risk to the public from the virus. For more information please go to BC Parks website http://bcparks.ca/covid-19/. For more general information about Coronavirus disease please check the Government of Canada website https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19.html

So even with that good news here in BC and the rest of Canada, travel restrictions are still in effect and lots of people in many different countries are still in lock-down or are in high-risk demographics and because of that are unable to go outside and enjoy nature during the springtime. As I had mentioned in my last blog post I decided to post once every 2 weeks or so a gallery of my personal work. The second personal work gallery that I am uploading and posting about in this blog is Black & White Landscapes. Vancouver Island, South Island Region. British Columbia, Canada.

To view, the black and white landscape gallery click on the above photo or this link. https://paulkerins.com/black-and-white-landscapes/

As much as I love colour photographs I have always had a soft spot for black and white photography. It has always been at least for me a way of reducing down an image to a more pure photograph. Light, tonal range, and luminance all exist in colour photography but are often over-powered by colour or overlooked when making a colour photograph. The same subject matter that makes a great colour image can be flat or even uninteresting if it is photographed in black and white.

Colour is king there is no doubt, even before digital cameras existed most people preferred colour photography over black and white. But since digital photography became an actual viable/affordable alternative to analog film photography I have noticed an even steeper decline in black and white photography. I imagine it is because before digital cameras came into existence shooting black and white was a conscious decision for the photographer, you loaded your camera with black and white film and it forced you to think in black and white. Almost every digital camera only shoots colour, so many of the photographers that have only shot digital never had to think in a different way. Black and white photography has become a afterthought during post-production when the photographer is editing their images. Hopefully there will be a resurgences in popularity of black and white photography one day soon. 

Thank you for visiting my website and viewing the black and white landscapes gallery, be sure to visit my blog again soon to see the next gallery that I will upload, it will be, “Long Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada” gallery. Easily one of my favourite bodies of personal work in landscape photography that I have done. I hope you check back to see this gallery.