Portrait Photographer, Victoria, BC

Colour Landscapes, Vancouver Island, South Island Region, British Columbia, Canada.

Because of the lockdown and with people wanting to stay safe by limiting their exposure to the virus by staying indoors I thought I would create several galleries of photographs that I have made over the years. I have had some of these images up on my website in the past, but I ended up taking them down as I wanted the main focus of my site to be the showcasing of my portrait work. Photographing people has always been the bulk of my photography career, it is what I genuinely enjoyed doing the most. I also enjoy landscape, nature, abstract, and street photography very much and have over the years amassed a large body of personal work. So the plan is to post a different personal work gallery every week or so via my blog, and my hope is that these images will help people cope a little bit better with not being able to go outside during the Covid-19 crisis.

To view, the landscape gallery click on the above photo or this link. https://paulkerins.com/landscapes

The first gallery will be colour landscapes I made on Vancouver Island, in the south island region, British Columbia, Canada. This is the region of British Columbia, Canada that I am from and the area I am most familiar with and have photographed the most. The light on the west coast constantly changes which can be tricky to deal with when doing portraiture, but for landscapes it can be very rewarding for the patient photographer.

As the title of this post indicates all of these landscape images were created in and around the Greater Victoria, BC, area. Unlike my portrait work I rarely plan my landscape photography, I generally prefer to just be in the moment when I go for a hike, “looking for the light” as it were. I try and find a line, or subject matter that I find interesting and then approach it from different angles looking for the best composition and light for that particular photograph.

One of the things I love the most about being on the west coast is the weather. I like the rain, plus I have never been big on perfect hot sunny days because the light is rarely good (photographically speaking) and the heat does me in. Luckily for me, it is rarely hot and sunny on the rock. Many of the images in this gallery are shot using low light, so overcast or rainy days. On the hot sunny days, I prefer early morning or late light or I will instead go into the rainforests where it is always a few degrees cooler and there is plenty of shade.

Thank you for visiting my website and viewing the colour landscape gallery, be sure to visit my blog again soon to see the next gallery that I will upload, it will be the, “Black and White Landscapes, Vancouver Island, South Island Region, British Columbia, Canada” gallery. If you love moody black and white photography, landscapes and Vancouver Island then you’re in for a real treat.