Portrait Photographer, Victoria, BC

Creatures of Vancouver Island

So something I noticed during the Covid 19 lock-down is that nature was starting to encroach more into human areas. With people being prudent and staying home, with less noise and traffic to contend with wild animals have started to feel safer and expanded into town and city areas. We have all seen the videos on-line of goats and moose wandering into human neighborhoods. Here on Vancouver Island there were reports of a cougar in a more populated area where the big cats normally do not stray into. I have not personally seen anything that exciting, but I have seen a butt-load of bunnies. Bunnies everywhere, a crazy amount of bunnies. I am use to seeing them on the outskirts of city limits of the Greater Victoria Region, but now they are right outside where I live and they seem to be very happy munching on people’s lawns. So for today’s personal work gallery I decided to add a small but very cute gallery of some the different creatures that I have photographed over the years.

Harbour Seal, Fisherman's Wharf, Victoria, BC.

To view, the Creatures gallery click on the above photo or this link. https://paulkerins.com/creatures/

I love animals, bugs, and birds, but I rarely go out of my way to photograph them. I am not really setup to photograph wildlife. I work with full frame sensor cameras, that I use with prime lenses that have a focal range lengths of 50mm to 105mm, these lenses when paired with a full frame sensor is the best combination for doing my portrait photography. You can of course use any lens or camera to photograph animals, but most serious wildlife photographers use a cropped sensor camera with long telephoto/zoom lenses of 200mm or longer. Such a setup allows wildlife photographers to get close up images of various woodland creatures without scaring them off.

My photographs of these different creatures are also more spontaneous generally speaking since they are happened upon as I looked for other kind of photographs. As a opposed to most professional wildlife photographers, who plan their shoots well in advance and wait in hunter blinds for hours or even days for the right opportunity or for the right moment. It is out of respect to those photographers that I explain this since I do not consider myself a wildlife photographer, only a lover of nature with a camera.

Growing up in Western Canada there have been many, many occasions for me to have photograph a wide array of different creatures large and small. I have been fortunate enough to have seen in the wild several black bears, grizzly bears, moose, bison, deer, marmots, beavers, raccoons, river and sea otters, porcupines, skunks, vultures, eagles, hawks, et cetera, et cetera, oh…, and a ton of bunnies. I could never get close enough to most of these animals to photograph them safely using my portrait gear. And that’s fine as I do prefer the spontaneity of photographing people, but when the opportunity arises and I have my camera I do of course take advance of the situation.

Thank you for visiting my website and viewing the Creatures gallery, be sure to visit my blog again soon to see the next gallery that I will upload, it will be, “Seascapes” gallery. A collection of seascapes images that I have photographed. Please check back to see this gallery.