Portrait Photographer, Victoria, BC

Vancouver Island Seascapes

Living on an island, wait…, let me rephrase that, living on a peninsula of the largest island on the Pacific coast of North America there are plenty of opportunities to create beautiful seascapes. I am rarely ever more than a couple of kilometres from the water at any given time of the day here where … Read more

Creatures of Vancouver Island

So something I noticed during the Covid 19 lock-down is that nature was starting to encroach more into human areas. With people being prudent and staying home, with less noise and traffic to contend with wild animals have started to feel safer and expanded into town and city areas. We have all seen the videos … Read more

Prepare for your portrait sitting.

Preparing yourself properly before your portrait sitting will help your photographer immensely with your end goal of getting the best possible photographs from your session. In this post, I will lay out a few tips and tricks that you can do in order to give you the tools you need to achieve this goal. Most … Read more

Locations for portraiture in Victoria.

During my career as a photographer, I have been fortunate enough to have worked in several cities in a few different countries. A couple of the cities were more photogenic than others, Victoria, BC is one of these photogenic cities. Very few cities in the world have the range of excellent location choices for portraiture … Read more

Which clothes to bring?

Whether you are a follower of the latest fashions, or perhaps you really never put much thought into what you are wearing, or maybe you are someone who is somewhere in-between, choosing the right outfits for you portrait session is something that should be carefully considered. You want to look your best, but your favorite … Read more